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North Coast brewery Lacada raises glass to NW200 with new ale

By John Mulgrew

A north coast brewery is getting in the racing spirit by launching a new beer to celebrate the North West 200.

Lacada in Portrush has launched its NW200 Pale Ale in time for this year's road races.

The brewery itself is located just 150 metres away from the Metropole corner on the famous racing circuit.

The logo for the beer features a shot of rider John McGuinness.

Mervyn White, clerk of the NW200 course, said: "We've always integrated the race and all of the events around it as much as possible with the local community, as well as our visitors."

Heather Quiery, chair of Lacada, added: "We're keen to support other organisations in the local tourism and hospitality sector by providing reasons to visit, stay and enjoy the north coast.

"We are a young business and to be involved with this institution is an honour.

"It's a great fit for us and our membership of 260 co-owners, who love the area.

"We're also delighted to be brewing this very special beer."

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