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Northern Ireland Chartered Accountants annual dinner at Culloden Hotel, Belfast [Photos]

The Chartered Accountants Ulster Society has called for Northern Ireland's political leaders to "get back to the job in hand".

Speaking to over 300 guests at the society’s annual dinner chair Dawn Johnston said: “We have witnessed a bruising period of political campaigning, but it is now time for our leaders to leave any prejudices, hurt, resentment, triumphalism, jealousies or egos at the door of the Assembly and get back to the job in hand.

“We want responsible, accountable and mature leadership. We want a clear focus on society’s main priorities of education, health and welfare, roads and transport, the arts and environment and of course, our economy.

“We need a return to the aspirations articulated in the Programme for Government framework as our starting point. We need energy, determination decision-making and action which will bring those aspirations to reality," she said.

“We do not in any way underestimate the challenge of government. The life of a politician demands stamina, a thick skin, an ability to withstand constant media scrutiny and a sacrifice of personal time. But after weeks of campaigning we are weary of those on all sides calling for respect and equality whilst demonstrating the exact opposite through their tone of voice and body language. It is time to move on. We need courage and we need accountability."

The dinner took place at the Culloden Hotel.

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