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Northern Ireland consumers have £250 left after bills at end of month

By Vicky Shaw

People in Northern Ireland have a spare £250 left over at the end of every month, the third highest region in the UK.

Consumers in the region have an extra £250 after spending on essentials, behind London, where people have £277 left over, and Yorkshire and the Humber with £269.

Some 87% of people surveyed by said they have some spare cash left over each month, with the average disposable income given as £242.32.

Holidays topped the list of goals people were saving towards with their spare cash, with 45% of people surveyed said they were looking forward to a getaway in 2015. Nearly half (44%) of those with some spare money said the bulk of it goes on eating out.

A report released yesterday by PwC also warned of a danger that some people could become too complacent over their ability to manage their debts amid growing consumer confidence.

The report found that the average UK household is set to owe close to £10,000 in debts such as personal loans, credit cards and overdrafts by the end of 2016.

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