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Northern Ireland customers are finding it much harder to shop online

By Staff Reporter

A third of online retailers apply delivery restrictions to Northern Ireland, new research has shown.

The Consumer Council revealed the findings to Stormont's enterprise committee.

The council found restrictions can include higher charges, longer delivery times and refusal to deliver to Northern Ireland.

Kellin McCloskey of the Consumer Council said: "Many Northern Ireland consumers can find themselves out of pocket.

"Online shopping is becoming increasing popular, with over a third of Northern Ireland consumers shopping online at least once a month.

"However, delivery restrictions can exclude some potential online shoppers from this increasingly important market, with Northern Ireland consumers impacted particularly heavily."

It's been branded "grossly unfair to local consumers," by committee chairman Patsy McGlone.

"The committee considers it grossly unfair to local consumers that over a third of online retailers either do not deliver to Northern Ireland addresses or impose restrictions on what they will deliver here," he said.

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