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Northern Ireland hotels enjoy a record high occupancy rate

By Rachel Martin

Hotel bedrooms in Northern Ireland had a record high occupancy rate of 77.5% during 2015, research has shown.

But the proportion of overnight visitors to hotels in the province who were from the Republic of Ireland was down to 8.9%, marking the second year of decline, according to the research from ASM Chartered Accountants.

Last year, demand for hotel bedrooms hit a record high, with occupancy rates of 77.5% across the region, up from 76% in 2014.

The average room rate paid by a guest - excluding Vat - was up 5.8% to £74.91.

Michael Williamson, director of consulting at ASM, said there were regional variations, with occupancy rates growing in Belfast but declining in Derry to of 68.1% - down from 69%.

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