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Northern Ireland insurance company shamed for minimum wage failing

By Margaret Canning

An Insurance company in Co Fermanagh underpaid a worker who was due the minimum wage to the tune of nearly £2,500, according to HMRC.

Revenue and Customs named and shamed Brady Insurance Services in Enniskillen for not paying £2,482.81 to an unidentified staff member. It was the only Northern Ireland business out of 75 to be listed as infringing minimum wage legislation by HMRC today.

The firm did not return a request for comment.

Business Minister Nick Boles said: "As a one-nation government on the side of working people, we are determined that everyone who is entitled to the national minimum wage receives it.

"When the new national living wage (£7.20 per hour) is introduced next April, we will enforce it robustly. This means that the hard-working people of the UK will get the pay rise they deserve."  

The companies named by HMRC owed workers more than £153,000. The biggest deficit was at Lime Tree Holiday Park in Buxton, which had neglected to pay £12,774.88 to two workers. The smallest was just over £100.

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