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Northern Ireland lagging behind UK as output falls 1.9%

By Staff Reporter

Output from Northern Ireland firms slumped by 1.9% between April and June, compared to a 0.7% leap across the UK.

The decrease over the quarter followed six months of growth.

Over the year, production levels in Northern Ireland increased by 1%, compared to 1.5% in the UK.

The Northern Ireland Statistics and Research Agency, which compiled the figures, said: "Although output in the production sector has risen, there is evidence that the rate of growth has been slowing over the past four quarters."

Expansion over the most recent four quarters was 2.5% - around half the growth seen over the same four quarters a year earlier.

Production includes the sub-sectors of manufacturing, electricity, gas, steam and air conditioning supply, water supply, sewerage and waste management, mining and quarrying.

In the powerhouse services sector, which includes everything from estate agents to restaurants, output increased by 0.5% over the quarter and 0.7% over the year. That compared with a yearly increase of 2.8% in the UK as a whole.

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