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Northern Ireland 'needs more certainty than vague claims of no return to borders of the past' lobby groups have warned

By John Mulgrew

The retail sector in Northern Ireland needs “more certainty that a vague aspiration about no return to borders of the past”, lobby groups will tell a Republic of Ireland committee today.

Retail Excellence, which represents companies in the Republic, and Retail NI will today jointly present to the Oireachtas Committee on the Good Friday Agreement on the impact of Brexit on the industry.

Glyn Roberts, chief executive of Retail Ni, said: “Northern Ireland’s retail sector needs a lot more certainty than just a vague aspiration about ‘no return to the borders of past.’

“The bottom line is that Brexit should not result in any barriers in trade and on free movement across the border.

“It clearly is a major problem not having an Executive in place to argue our case in these vital Brexit negotiations. We urge all the political parties to redouble their efforts to secure agreement for a new administration.”

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