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Northern Ireland public's confidence in finances hits dip

By John Mulgrew

Consumer confidence in Northern Ireland took a dip towards the end of 2014 after reaching a six-year high at the beginning of the year.

And it's been claimed one reason for the pessimism may have been down to Chancellor George Osborne's Autumn Statement in December.

The lowest levels were recorded in Belfast, with the north west the only region not experiencing a drop in confidence.

The latest figures from Danske Bank look at the financial position of households.

While the most people - some 68% - believed their job will be secure in 12 months' time, confidence dropped in the last quarter.

"There was also a sense in Q4 that the recovery had slowed a little towards the end of the year, which was reflected in a number of UK-wide economic surveys," said Danske's chief economist Angela McGowan. "This slowdown combined with well-documented challenges in Europe may also have fed into the latest quarterly decline."

But while the public's confidence witnessed a small drop over the last three months, it's predicted to grow this year - buoyed by the recent oil price slump and cheaper food costs.

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