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Northern Ireland Skoda outlet in £2m deal for fleet of taxis

By Margaret Canning

Northern Ireland Skoda dealer John Mulholland has won a £2m contract to supply Skoda taxis to Value Cabs in Belfast. The John Mulholland Skoda showroom in Randalstown will fulfil the deal, which will increase the Value Cab fleet by around 100 to nearly 700 vehicles.

And the first cars will be manufactured exclusively for Value Cabs by Skoda in Mlada Boleslav in the Czech Republic and be ready for delivery shortly.

John Mulholland, founder and boss of John Mulholland Motors, said: “The cars will be made exactly to Value Cabs' requirements, such as the correct trim level to befit the job.  They will then be shipped to Northern Ireland and fitted out with all the Value Cab technology."

 added: "I am thrilled to be continuing our business relationship with Value Cabs which has seen us supplying the business Skodas for nearly 10 years."

And he said Value cabs had been invaluable in helping promote the Skoda brand in Northern Ireland, adding that Skoda now had a positive image among motorists. "Just as you have young people who don't know about the Troubles, you have a new generation who just know Skoda as a good value for money, quality car with great safety and great residual value."

He said his Skoda showrooms attracted a range of customers - including some who were trading in high-end cars such as Audis and BMWs in exchange for Skodas.

Mr Mulholland said he had been trading in Skodas since 1998. "We have been instrumental in driving the ad through TV ads and radio ads and really throwing everything into the brand."

And he said he was a proud driver of a Skoda - a top-of-the-range, four wheel drive Skoda Superb Laurin and Klement - named after the founders of the Skoda.

Mr Mulholland said his own car sales at sites in Campsie and Randalstown - he is also a representative for Ford and Hyundai - had been growing, but that sales across the board were down.

"There's been around a 2% fall in sales year on year, which I think is down to pre-election jitters. But now that that's over they should be coming back again.

The latest deal follows another accolade for John Mulholland after it was named UK Skoda Retailer of The Year Award.

Christopher McCausland of Value Cabs said: "We are happy to have agreed another deal with Skoda and award winning John Mulholland Motors to supply a large portion of our new fleet for 2015."

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