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Northern Ireland telly addicts prefer broadcast news over websites

By Margaret Canning

More than 60% of people in Northern Ireland see TV as their main source of home news, regulator Ofcom has found. But the watchdog's review of public service broadcasting in the internet age also said audiences in Northern Ireland were most likely to feel under-represented (42% of respondents) and negatively portrayed (26% of respondents) on TV compared to other nations.

The internet was the second biggest source of news for Northern Ireland participants in the survey, with 11% of respondents going online first - and the province's preference for television news was shared by other UK regions.

Ofcom's review said public service broadcasters - which include UTV, Channel 4 and Channel 5, as well as the BBC channels - continue to make a significant contribution to UK broadcasting. But only half of young people watch live TV, with many preferring online services, according to Ofcom, which is led by Sharon White.

Michael Wilson, managing director of UTV TV, said: "We are delighted to see that television as a source of news is still the preferential option for more than 60% of viewers."

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