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Northern Ireland waste machinery firm breaks British market in major deal

By John Mulgrew

A Co Tyrone machinery maker has landed a multi-million pound deal to supply its products throughout the UK.

Waste Systems, which is based in Plumbridge, has now entered into a distribution agreement with Cambridgeshire-based EPS Ltd.

It's the biggest single deal in Waste Systems' seven years.

The company makes equipment for separating industrial waste.

It will now sell its new Proflow system throughout England and Wales.

And while the firm would not reveal the value of the deal, it's understood to be worth several million pounds.

Waste Systems was founded by Nishi Ward in 2009 and employs 20 staff.

Aside from the UK, it sells across the Europe.

The business has received support from Invest NI and is a portfolio company of Kernel Capital and Whiterock Capital Partners.

Mr Ward told the Belfast Telegraph the new deal could open up regular new markets as far afield as the US and Middle East.

"I'm from a materials handling background, and we evolved from the quarrying industry," Mr Ward said.

"We realised that the machines on the market were from Germany and Holland, and were built for a purpose 20 years ago, and not for today's market."

He said the Proflow had evolved from another product, the Flex X.

The Proflow system - which is worth more than the cost of an average home - is one of the only machines that can separate a range of material, such as rubble and other construction-related waste, across a range of areas, including size, density and metal composition.

"The Proflow is the first that does it all together, and you can't compromise one or the other," added Mr Ward.

He said the deal with EPS gives the company distribution rights across England and Wales.

The company's current workforce of 20 is set to be boosted as a result.

"We have planned to grow anyway, and we expect it to go well. We held back our progression to make sure we get this right," he said.

"As well as employing our own people, we have a lot of people working as sub-contractors.

"We have other deals in the pipeline in other parts of the world.

"(The product) is very exportable. It goes on a ship, and lands where you want it to go."

He said other markets were likely to follow.

"You look at your own market first - we have orders in other markets," he added.

John Dunne, managing director of EPS Ltd, said: "Waste System's Proflow DST represents a revolutionary combination of processing actions in one modular unit."

He added: "It's something that we've never seen before and enables the diversion of valuable and usable waste streams from landfill."

In 2015 the company received a £500,000 cash boost from Invest NI's Growth Loan Fund to expand.

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