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Northern Ireland wind farm has been bought by a Dublin energy firm

By John Mulgrew

A Dublin firm has bought a wind farm in Co Antrim.

Altaveedan Wind Farm near Loughguile, has been under construction by Larne-based developer RES. It's now been bought by Dublin-based energy company NTR.

The 18MW project, which is being constructed by RES on behalf of NTR, has already injected almost £4m into the Northern Ireland economy since it started construction in 2015. The cost is projected to be more than £30m.

NTR's chief investment officer, Manus O'Donnell, said: "Altaveedan is our third wind project investment in Northern Ireland over the past 18 months and our second with RES, who have an outstanding reputation as a renewable energy developer by putting the community and local economy at the heart of their activities."

Lucy Whitford, RES' head of project for Ireland, said: "Altaveedan wind farm is a true local economic success story.

"The Altaveedan project shows what can be achieved in a low cost, low carbon future for Northern Ireland with a supporting political mandate which allows investment to continue to be attracted here."

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