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Northern Irish families are still worst off in the UK

By Rachel Martin

Northern Ireland families remain worst off in the UK, with £95 less to spend each week than the average household. 

Asda's latest Income Tracker compiled by the Centre for Economics & Business Research (CEBR) has shown that while the average UK household now has £18 more disposable income a week compared to last year, families in Northern Ireland have a weekly spend of just £97, £95 lower than the UK average.

Even though Northern Ireland is still seeing the strongest percentage growth (15.1%) it lags behind the UK average in monetary terms. The report showed that factors affecting spending here include the fact Northern Ireland has the highest percentage of minimum wage workers compared to other regions.

The average salary here trails behind the UK average of £22,044 by more than £3,000.

On average, Northern Ireland households spent £35 a week on petrol, compared with the UK average £24; £61 a week on food compared with the UK average of £57 and £28 a week on energy bills (UK average £26).

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