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November Edition of Business Month

Editor's note

By David Elliott

Welcome to the November edition of Business Month. As the winter chill starts to takes hold, we're warming our cockles against what appears to be a - dare I say it - more confident and robust economic outlook.

We’ve had a few false dawns in the last number of years, with the greenshoots we’ve been hankering after snuffed out by an early frost, but this time there’s a gathering flow of evidence to suggest we’re firmly on the recovery path rather than a dirt road pockmarked with potholes. And about time too.

This edition we’re asking the question on the lips of the visitors to last month’s Northern Ireland Investment Conference, what is Northern Ireland’s unique selling point?

Our cover story takes at look at our increasingly busy night time economyto find out who’s going to work while the rest of us are heading to bed; our Breaking the Mould and I’ll Tell You Another Thing features reveal some fresh ideas and some more established thinking; our Focus on spreads take a look at the art of selling and the pensions market; our travel feature heads to Norway, Jim McCauley test drives a Bentley and The Chairman shows he’s definitely not hibernating for winter.

It’s a packed magazine and, as the economy in Northern Ireland and further afield takes on a turn for the better, we hope you enjoy it.

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