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Now there's no excuse, with the gym that comes to you

George Crawford's franchise enables customers to exercise at home - or even in the workplace, writes Rebecca Kincade

Attitudes towards exercise have developed hugely over the past 10 years, giving rise to the option to bring gym equipment into your home or workplace in a time-saving and cost-effective manner.

Keen to find a suitable way to enter self-employment, George Crawford has recently started Hire Fitness Ireland North to react to the changing demands of customers, who want to be able to exercise when and where suits them.

The company is part of the Hire Fitness Group, which has more than a dozen franchises spread across England, Wales and the Republic of Ireland.

Mr Crawford said: “I have the exclusive rights to trade throughout Northern Ireland and the six bordering counties. Hire Fitness has been established for 10 years in the UK mainland and is now recognised as Europe’s largest company specialising in the hire of top-quality gym equipment.

“Their approach and strategy impressed me and I felt that the match was a good one. I have the support and experience of a successful organisation and when I carried out market research, I realised that there was a gap for this level of professional service.”

Mr Crawford realised that, with the demands of modern life, it is more difficult for families to find a balance between work, raising children and finding time to exercise.

“We are still in the early stages, with one full-time and three-part time staff members. I anticipate that this will increase. Our customers can be segmented very clearly and they tend to include people who are not comfortable in a gym environment, those with busy lifestyles, those training for events and people who simply cannot get to a gym.”

Hire Fitness has developed two new aspects which are available in Northern Ireland.

They have recently launched their own state-of-the-art gym equipment brand, Ultim8, and a new range of products which cross over into the beauty sector. The “Cavisculpt” system incorporates ultrasound technology to sculpt and contour the body with products which can be used in the comfort of your own home.

With demand from local hotels, private clients and even gyms who wish to develop their own offerings, Mr Crawford feels that his decision to self-fund the early days of this company will pay off over the coming months.

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