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NYSE chief delighted to see growth of financial services on global scale


The head of one of Northern Ireland's biggest inward investors has said the region has become a global hub for financial services and capital markets.

Jon Robson is chief executive of NYSE Technologies and, speaking at the Digital DNA conference, organised by MBAAI in Titanic Belfast, said the company has benefited from the growth of the sector here by both indigenous companies and even from the arrival of competitors such as the Chicago Mercantile Exchange.

"We're creating new products now just because we're in the community in Northern Ireland," he said, adding he wants to attract more companies of a similar ilk.

"We have brought more companies into the area of financial services and capital markets so that expertise grows in this region."

NYSE Technologies took over Wombat in 2008 and intends to grow the business further, Mr Robson said.

"We opened up our centre of excellence here in Belfast and bring clients from around the world into our facility here... we have 300 staff full-time and we indend to continue to build out that business," he said.

And he praised investment agency Invest NI.

"We've had an amazing relationship with Invest NI," he said. "I'm based in New York and there isn't any other country that comes to me and treats me as a customer like Invest NI does.

"These people are working for you to attract more investors, more partcipants in your market place and it's made if very easy for us to invest here."

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