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October Edition of Business Month - summer of rioting hurts the economy

By David Elliott

As the chill of winter starts to take hold we’re hoping to heat things up with analysis and debate around the big issues.

Firstly, Paul Gosling finds out how much the summer of rioting has hurt the economy, not just in upfront costs but also reputational damage.

Secondly, we’re asking how the construction industry, that poster child of the recession, is faring now the economic outlook is more settled.

The business of education, the public sector and the world of small businesses are among the other topics we consider.

Towards the back of magazine we go car-less in Los Angeles, Joris Minne has lunch with some big fish from Kilkeel, Jim McCauley test drives a new BMW and The Chairman takes a trip to Asia.

And while you’re enjoying the magazine, look forward to the next few weeks when the biggest show in town arrives.

The global investment conference will attract scores of potential inward investors to these shores — hopefully some will sign on the dotted line. More foreign direct investment in combination with continued growth in our indigenous business base would put us firmly on the road to recovery.

All we then have to do is keep episodes such as those on our cover to a minimum.

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