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Oil monitor device set to go global

By David Elliott

The days of running out of home heating oil during the coldest month of the year may be a thing of the past after a Portadown company came up with an oil tank monitoring device.

Kingspan Environmental's product monitors tank levels and transmits information to the user via a smartphone, text or email.

The Watchman Anywhere has been launched in Northern Ireland but is about to marketed across the world, according to Charles Burns, commercial director at Kingspan Environmental.

"Gone are days of checking your oil with an upturned yard brush, whether you are at work or sitting at home. Viewing your oil level can now be done anywhere," he said.

The sensor in the Watchman Anywhere uses ultrasonic pulses to keep an eye on how much oil is in the tank. Its built-in sim card sends the information to the company's secure data centre which is accessed by the consumer either directly via their smartphone, tablet or by weekly email or text.

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