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One in four public sector workers would take pay cut

One in four public sector workers would be willing to take a pay cut if it helped secure their job, according to a new study out today.

A survey of 1,500 public sector employees workers by recruitment website Totaljobs.com showed that only 4% would be prepared to accept a lower pension.

John Salt of Totaljobs.com said: “Our findings show that jobseekers are willing to take a temporary sacrifice in pay for financial security in the future and this is particularly true for those in the public sector.

“During the worst of recession, we were seeing those made redundant from the private sector look to the public sector as the place to go for job and financial security. But as the new Government begins sharpening the axe, we can see the beginnings of fear and inflexibility in the public sector over pension rights in particular.”

A wider survey of 5,000 workers showed that almost two thirds spent less than two hours writing their CVs and would not spend more than £25 travelling to a job interview. A separate survey of over 230 executives showed that most businessmen and women would rather exercise than have a long lunch.

The study found that fewer than one in four left their desks for lunch, most were too busy to socialise after work and only one in five said they managed to switch off even for 30 minutes a day.

Nine out of 10 checked work emails on their holidays and over half did not take up their full holiday entitlement.