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'One million jobs' hinge on UK staying in EU, Labour's Tom Watson says

Staying in the EU will lead to an extra one million jobs, Labour deputy leader Tom Watson is insisting.

Remaining linked to the EU's digital, energy, and tourism markets could see the surge in employment by 2030, Mr Watson is saying.

"Labour is clear that the UK's membership of the EU is good for jobs and good for British workers.

"We are united in campaigning for Britain to remain in Europe. That's because Labour values are at the heart of this campaign.

"We believe in standing up for working people whose jobs and communities depend on trade with Europe. We believe in standing up for the rights of everyone to be treated fairly at work - and for the rights at work that are guaranteed by our membership of the European Union.

"And we believe in the positive role our membership of the EU can play in the future - the more than a million new jobs our economy has the potential to generate if we remain in the European Union, helping to provide opportunities for the next generation," Mr Watson is saying.