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One-stop shop for motorists geared to speed up car buying process

Two Northern Ireland companies have joined forces to offer a one-stop shop for young drivers.

Car dealership Donnelly Group will have insurance advisors from Abbey Insurance based in its Eglinton offices in a move aimed at "taking the stress finding, financing and insuring your first car".

The new scheme opened its doors yesterday.

"The affordability of motoring for young drivers has always been an issue and we firmly believe we have a service that makes that first vehicle purchase and insurance affordable, offering peace-of-mind motoring," Victor Pollock, Donnelly and Taggart sales director, said.

"The process is simple - select your vehicle from the hundreds of small cars available at our Eglinton site, then select a finance term that you can afford, get a great insurance quote from Abbey on site and drive away the same day."

John McMichael, Abbey Insurance product development director, said: "It will revolutionise how young people make that first motoring purchase."