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Only one fifth of housebuilders have delayed projects due to Brexit - survey

One in five housebuilders have delayed or put on hold projects since Brexit, while one in 10 has been cancelled, new research shows.

The Federation of Master Builders (FMB) said more than two-thirds of builders are yet to see any changes to their business because of the referendum result.

But a survey of more than 100 house builders in England revealed that just over a fifth said projects had been delayed or put on hold and almost a 10th said a project had been cancelled.

FMB chief executive Brian Berry said the overwhelming majority of housebuilders are reporting that no decisions have yet been influenced by the EU vote.

He added: "This matches the view expressed by many small construction firms that so far, the market appears to suggest that it's 'business as usual'.

"Only one quarter of small housebuilders have seen any negative effect on their projects from the Brexit decision, and most of these are the result of delayed decisions rather than actual project cancellations.

"Brexit aside, we should not paint an overly rosy picture of the situation facing small to medium sized enterprise (SME) house builders. The barriers to building that existed prior to the referendum are still hindering delivery, and as the housing crisis continues to be a pressing concern, the need to empower smaller developers must be a priority for Theresa May's Government.

"To this end, it's worth noting that more than half of SME house builders state that the removal of unnecessary red tape should be the most important consideration for the new Government as they begin to negotiate the UK's exit from the EU."