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Original approach proves a winner for firm holding ace card

Personal CV

Name: John McKenna

Title: Director Rubycard NI

Company CV

Name: Rubycard NI

Location: Cathedral Quarter

Sector: Financial/Fundraising

Workforce: 15

Turnover: We're a new business, so only time will tell. To date, we are extremely encouraged by Rubycard's popularity.How long has Ruby Card been operating in Northern Ireland?

Rubycard was launched in the Republic 18 months ago. After its success, myself and business partner Eileen O'Grady decided to take Rubycard up North and we haven't looked back.

Do you have any plans for expansion?

We have just launched in Northern Ireland so that's our primary focus. The UK market is a possibility further down the line.

How has the downturn impacted business?

Rubycard is a product of the downturn. Our premise is centred on regaining financial control and encouraging a move away from reliance on credit cards. Rubycard is a prepaid card with no credit facility. It works just like a top up card and offers a new way to access all the features of a standard cash card, without the worry of bills and debt.

Have you launched any new initiatives to combat the current challenges?

Rubycard's co-branding initiative has been well received by businesses and not-for-profit organisations across Northern Ireland. While promoting an organisation by way of branded cards, Rubycard enables organisations to generate their own residual profit share. Without set-up fees or one-off charges, our clear cut initiative is a working partnership and an opportunity for any business eager to boost awareness, while generating income.

In a competitive market with plenty of choice, how do you win business?

We win business through Rubycard's diverse appeal. The card is ideal for both business and personal use and offers a bespoke RubyRewards Programme which works to promote local retailers and make local money go that little bit further. Rubycard also makes for a handy Travelcard as it doesn't incur Ryanair booking fees and is safe and secure to use worldwide (just don't tell Michael O'Leary).