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Our Gr8 Expectations

In an open letter addressed to leaders of the world's largest industrialised countries, we ask eight experts to explain why the region should be their business partner of choice

Dear G8 leaders, What a couple of days. You came all this way to hammer out a few deals and are leaving tonight with your check list well and truly ticked and your to-do list longer than ever.

It was a tough couple of days workwise, but wasn't it great?

Not the meetings and talk of trade, tax and transparency (although, of course, that is very important and the reason why you came here) but the setting.

Not many of you have visited Northern Ireland before but I'm sure you're leaving tonight with an appreciation for our beautiful countryside and unmatched hospitality.

The Lough Erne Golf Resort where you met is obviously one of the jewels in the crown of our hotel portfolio but there are many more which we'd love to show you.

And it's not just in the hospitality industry where we excel: we have a burgeoning economy, rich in potential and boasting a highly skilled workforce and an innovative culture.

Engineering, IT, manufacturing, film-making, agri-food; you name it, we've got it going on.

And what's more we're ready and willing to work with you to help drive your economy.

Whether you want to set up a manufacturing base, a European office, a research and development base or if you just want to buy the vast array of quality products which we produce on a daily basis then don't hesitate to give us a call.

You're maybe thinking that you'll wait to get home before you lift the phone, but do it now (probably from your in-flight presidential phone system) and make sure you follow it up tomorrow, and the next day, and the next.

We're here, we're ready to work with you and we promise to help make your economy flourish with the same determination we put into our own.

And just in case you don't know why we are your business partner of choice, here on these pages are eight reasons.

Hopefully speak very soon,


Northern Ireland PLC

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