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Out of the office: Draven McConville

Director at Gravity Digital Agency

How do you like your news - TV, newspaper or online? Working in a digital world, I like to get all my news online

Culture vulture, sports fanatic or petrol head? I love everything cultural, but I do like to admire exotic sports cars

Indoor comforts or the great outdoors? I love my indoor comforts and with a passion for architecture, I like nothing more than sitting in a great environment

Blockbuster or arthouse? A mixture of both

Favourite film? The Pursuit of Happyness

Fiction or non-fiction? Non-fiction and I really enjoy biographies

I'd rather be listening to ... Soul music - Otis Redding, James Brown, etc

Wine or beer, or something else? Can't beat a glass of red wine

Sweet or savoury? Definitely savoury (hence the gym membership!)

Holidays at home or away? Holidays abroad as exploring and immersing myself in different cultures helps inspire my creative side

My favourite country outside Northern Ireland is... Morocco

The most dangerous thing I've ever done is... Going to Spain and doing the Pamplona Bull run (never doing that again!)

I couldn't live without... Coffee and my iPad

If I didn't do my current job I'd be... A bartender on a beach bar in Bali

What I enjoy most about being in business is... Meeting great people, being creative and seeing clients dreams become a reality