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Out of the office: Karen O'Hara


Karen O'Hara

Karen O'Hara

Karen O'Hara

How do you like your news - TV, newspaper or online? I don't normally get caught up in news as most of my time is spent creating floral designs and travelling between Holland and Northern Ireland.

But I find it's great to keep up to date on my iPad when travelling- so I am always in the loop.

Culture vulture, sports fanatic or petrol head? I love to keep healthy and active and spend a lot of my time doing pilates a few times a week. I'm also just back from holidays where I cycled more than 350 miles in seven days - some people think that's crazy but it was a great way to wind down after a few hectic weeks of work.

Indoor comforts or the great outdoors? I like my indoor comforts but also love walking in the mountains. It's always great to come back to some luxury after a hard day's trekking.

Blockbuster or arthouse? Arthouse - I like to keep an eye on upcoming talent.

Favourite film? Along Came a Spider.

Fiction or non-fiction? I like both genres but I enjoy Robert Ludlum and good, gripping thrillers that you can't put down.

I'd rather be listening to ... ? Anything that makes me relax as I feel it's important to wind down after a hard day's work.

Holidays at home or away? If the climate is good Ireland is a beautiful place to holiday - the scenery and people are fantastic. But it's also nice to escape to somewhere different every now and then as well.

My favourite country outside of Northern Ireland is ... ? Italy - everytime I visit it I fall in love with the place all over again.

A night in or a night out? I would prefer a night in with good friends.You can't beat good wholesome food and drink, though going out is good too, but I do need to be in the mood. After a busy week, I prefer a night in - it's much more relaxing.

Wine or beer, or something else? I love a good wine but am also a cheeky Bailey's coffee fan. If it's a long, hot summer's day a gin and tonic is really refreshing.

Although, I have to admit that recently my drink of choice has been soda water and lime - no headache the next day! I must be getting old.

Sweet or savoury? Mostly savoury.

What I enjoy most about being in business is ... ? In my line of work - the best thing is meeting lots of different people and being challenged every single day. I am very lucky that I have been given a gift to create designs that inspire others. My most recent work was a floral dress ahead of the Royal wedding. That dress was displayed in Victoria Square in Belfast and all the proceeds went to the local charity TinyLife, a premature baby charity.

If I didn't do my current job I'd be ... ? I would be training horses.

Couldn't live without ... ? Sky or my BlackBerry - stylish everyday essentials.