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Out of the office: Neal Lucas, Managing director of Neal Lucas Recruitment

How do you like your news - TV, newspaper or online? Online. I love newspapers, but I have a great app for news.

Culture vulture, sports fanatic or petrol head? I enjoy the competitive side of playing.

Indoor comforts or the great outdoors? I aspire to be a hillwalker or sailor.

Blockbuster or arthouse? Watching aliens vaporise the earth's population.

Favourite film? Star Wars.

Fiction or non-fiction? Both.

I'd rather be listening to ... The Assembly's economic strategy. I won't hold my breath, though.

Holidays at home or away? Away, but in the shade.

My favourite country outside Northern Ireland is ... The USA.

Wine or beer, or something else? Hard to beat a cold Heineken.

Sweet or savoury? Whipped ice cream

What I enjoy most about being in business is ... Helping people take a step forward in their career.

If I didn't do my current job I'd be ... A professional tennis player.

I couldn't live without ... My wife, literally.