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Out of the office: William Barr

A video games developer who runs Billy Goat Entertainment Ltd

Is the glass half full or half empty? Even if it's just air there's always something in the glass.

Culture vulture, sports fanatic or petrol head? Definitely a sports fanatic with petrol head sympathies.

Blockbuster, romcom, thriller, musical? Usually when I head out to the picture house I make a note of leaving my brain at home. So I'd have to say blockbuster.

Fiction or non-fiction? Being hideously dyslexic I've always found books hard to get into, until I read Phil Visher's autobiography, the guy behind the 3D, Christian cartoon Veggie Tales. Found it very fascinating and encouraging. So, non-fiction.

I'd rather be listening to...? The Stereophonics and their fantastic debut album, Word Gets Around.

My favourite country outside of NI is...? I'd have to say Wales. I 'studied' in Swansea and not a day went by that I didn't complain about it and rib its imperfections. But I loved it really.

The most dangerous thing I've ever done is...? Well, a few months ago I got married. I suppose that answer is the most dangerous thing I've done.

How much tea or coffee do you drink in a day? I'm strictly 'tea-total', my sensitive, baby soft lips cannot handle hot beverages.

I couldn't live without...? Google.

A night in or a night out? Never could pull the right moves out on the tiles, would still rather be out, but in a quiet and reasonably priced restaurant with the significant other.

What's your poison..? Ribena, or Purple Nectar as I prefer to refer to it.

What I enjoy most about being in business is...? I don't know whether to say the long hours, constant financial uncertainty, the crippling stress. We'll go with "being in control of ones destiny", to a certain extent.

If I didn't do my current job I'd be...? A pro cyclist, wasn't too bad at the sport in my younger days.

What would you like your epitaph to be? "Quit smirking, it'll not be long 'til you're here too."

How do you like your news - TV, newspaper or online? When I was at Uni I was a bit of a broadsheet snob but now I get most of my news online. And of course is my first port of call.

My greatest achievement is... Yet to come.

Indoor comforts or the outdoor life? I've been known to go camping in sub-zero temperatures on a whim.