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Outlet opens drive-in cinema

The Outlet, outside Banbtidge will play host to a revival of a great American cinematic tradition – the drive-in movie.

The movie choice for Northern Ireland’s first ever drive-in movie, which opens December 16, will be the ‘coming of age’ high school classic ‘Grease’, starring John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John as the enigmatic Danny and Sandy.

The movie has been chosen to reflect the great era of the drive-in movie – and will be followed on the 17th December by arguably the greatest science fiction move of all time - Spielberg’s spellbinding classic E.T.

26 more movies have been scheduled to run every Thursday and Friday night from Thursday 6th January to Friday the 1st April – bringing a unique cinematic experience to the area – and a first ever for Northern Ireland. The Outlet and Iveagh Movie Studio facebook users will have the opportunity to select future movie choices.

Chris Nelmes at The Outlet Village, Banbridge comments: “We are delighted to be working in partnership with Iveagh Movie Studios – and can’t wait to launch Northern Ireland’s first every drive-in movie on the 16th December. We have allocated room for 150 vehicles and the Iveagh Movie Studio have set up concessions and supplied the technology to create a truly unique in car entertainment experience.”

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