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Outsourcing firm's revenue up 25%

AN outsourcing firm with four centres in Northern Ireland has seen a 25% growth in revenue to $517m (£339m).

Firstsource employs 2,365 at four sites in Belfast and Londonderry and 32,000 globally.

The company credits the strong financial results to significant new business growth as well as expansion with existing clients, such as Sky and giffgaff.

Firstsource has also secured a number of significant client wins across several sectors including Barclaycard US, a leading Irish bank, telecom companies and healthcare insurance firms.

The company runs call centres for brands in the telecoms, media, banking and finance and healthcare industries, with services including customer care, technical support, transaction processing and collections, web-chat, online forums and social media.

Firstsource derived 46% revenues from the US, 34% from UK and 20% from the rest of the world, including India.

Barclaycard US awarded a contract to Firstsource making it one of their "strategic' partners in February 2013.

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