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Over 90,000 web hits on Nama site

By Margaret Canning

Over 90,000 users have been finding out about Nama properties in the UK and on both sides of the border since their details were published, it has emerged.

The so-called 'bad bank', set up to cleanse the Irish banking system of toxic property loans, has appointed receivers to 887 properties, most of them in the Republic. Yesterday, Nama said it had appointed receivers to another 36 in July, with the latest intake including two developments in London and Nottingham but nothing in Northern Ireland.

A spokesman for Nama also said 93,000 users from 150 countries had visited its website since the end of July. "There's been an incredible response to the information on the site. No doubt some visitors are simply curious but many are very interested in what's available to purchase and we hope that the site will encourage transactions on the relevant properties. Interested parties are encouraged to contact the appointed insolvency professional that is referenced for each asset listed."

Around 70% of visitors were from Ireland and one fifth from the UK with the remainder mainly from the US, Germany, France, Spain and Canada.