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Over half of Britons 'can't afford to buy the basics' each month

One in five Britons do not have any money left after meeting all of their outgoings each month, a survey has suggested.

Around 21% of people questioned admitted they had no cash left for spending or saving after paying for essential items and covering all of their bills, according to discount website MyVoucherCodes.co.uk.

A further 26% claimed their salary did not even cover all of their outgoings, meaning they were permanently in the red.

But 31% were in slightly better financial shape, having around 10% of their income left over for discretionary spending, while 14% had at least a third of their pay left over.

Only 4% of people said their financial situation was very good, while 19% said it was good, but 50% of those questioned claimed their finances were in either a bad or very bad state.

Among those who said their finances were bad, 51% said their situation was so dire, they were sometimes unable to buy basics, such as food or petrol.

But despite this, two-thirds admitted they had never sought help to try to get the situation under control.

Mark Pearson, chairman of MyVoucherCodes.co.uk, said: "I think it's quite shocking to see that 50% of the people we spoke to either rated their financial situation as bad or very bad.

"Times are unfortunately tough, and despite the recession having been and gone, consumers are still struggling to make ends meet."