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Overwhelmed office staff 'put in an extra 180 hours for free every year'

Most office staff are so overwhelmed with work they have to put in an extra 180 hours for free every year, according to a survey.

The poll of 2,000 workers found that two out of three worked late at least once a week, while one in 20 said they never went home on time.

Just over half of those polled by printer firm Printerland said they did not leave their office all day, and one in six sat in front of their computer for their entire shift.

One in five revealed they had taken time off work with a stress-related illness.

Catherine Bannan of Printerland said: "It's important to take time out of work to enjoy time with family and friends.

"It's one thing to work an extremely long day once every now and again in order to meet a deadline or deal with a crisis, but it's another story to make a routine out of staying late.

"Overworking can result in tiredness and mistakes being made, as well as having severely negative impacts on your health, happiness and quality of life - so to increase productivity, you need to make sure you leave work at work when you go home."