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OX pop-up event sells out in minutes

By Jamie Stinson

The popularity of Belfast restaurant OX continues to soar, after tickets for its Ballymaloe pop-up in Co Cork sold out in five minutes.

The event called OX South will take place at the Kerrigold at Ballymaloe Litfest of food and wine on May 17 for one night only.

The €110-a-head pop-up was the festival's fastest-selling event.

It will consist of a five-course menu, and wine, showcasing the best of Northern Ireland produce.

Alain Kerloc'h, co-owner of the Oxford Street restaurant, said the pop-up will channel what has been successful for them since opening two years ago.

"We are very excited about it and to promote Northern Ireland," he said.

The 70 guests, almost double the size of their restaurant, will sample Northern Ireland produce and some of exceptional ingredients grown at Ballymaloe House.

"We want to promote Northern Ireland produce and their garden," Mr Kerloc'h said.

"So it will be Northern Ireland produce, like Ballywalter veal, Mourne lamb and some vegetables from their garden."

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