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Oxfam sees 10% rise for festive period


Sales in Oxfam on the rise

Sales in Oxfam on the rise

Sales in Oxfam on the rise

Oxfam shop sales reached a five-year spike at Christmas, with high street demand for used men's and women's clothing up 14% on last year, the charity has said.

Sales from the charity's high street shops - including around 20 in Northern Ireland - were up 10% in November and December compared with the same period last year, while Oxfam's online shop saw 43% growth.

High street sales of donated goods were up 9% on last Christmas, driven by "strong" growth in men's and women's clothing of 14%, while book sales were up 5% and music was up 4%.

Sales of the virtual Oxfam Unwrapped charity range, including gifts such as safe water or beekeeping training in poor countries, were up 9% on the high street and 3% online.

Like many retailers, Oxfam saw sales of winter clothing increase in November when cooler weather arrived, while a donation drive in September ensured stores had enough stock to meet demand.

The proceeds of Oxfam sales support the charity's work to help those in poverty.

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