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Patent firm blazes trail with new drugs app for the iPad

An innovative company based at the Northern Ireland Science Park has created one of the first patent information applications for iPads, which will provide details of prescription drugs for medical professionals and patients.

Patentnav created the AtoZGenerics app, which provides information on European and US patent expiry dates, which can often be difficult to find.

The app covers common drugs such as Lipitor, the cholesterol lowering pill, and Plavix, for those with heart related illness, along with some lesser known prescribed drugs.

Patentnav founder, Dr Eddie O'Gorman, said: "The AtoZ Generics app contains a lot of valuable information that can be difficult to find, and all for only 59p.

"It provides expiry dates on US patent term extension and UK Supplementary Protection certificate expiry dates, as well as approximate global drug sales."

Dr O'Gorman said the new application is both useful and timely given the current "big push for generic drugs".

"Many of the blockbusters are coming off patent protection in the coming five years - this provides commercial opportunity for companies in the sector, and in order to be prepared they need to be knowledgeable of the current patent status of drugs they are interested in producing.

"This app will be useful as a quick reference by patent professionals, managers, health professionals, and even patients."