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Perks for cyclists as a new scheme is launched

By Staff Reporter

Businesses in east Belfast are being urged to sign up to a new cyclist loyalty scheme offering discounts and rewards to customers arriving on two wheels.

Cycling and walking charity Sustrans has launched Pedal Perks to encourage more people to cycle to shops and cafes.

Now it's calling on businesses to join the scheme - part of the EU's €4.4m CHIPS project to promote sustainable transport.

Belfast was chosen as one of several sites across north-west Europe for the programme.

Retailers and cafes which have already signed up include tea shop S.D. Bells and Earlswood Road Pharmacy in Ballyhackamore. Colin Neill, chief executive of Hospitality Ulster, said: "A few members of the hospitality sector have cottoned on to the benefits of cycling to their business but I think there are still people who haven't realised the value of cyclists as a segment to cater for. Every cycling club, for example, will stop for coffee or go for something to eat."

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