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Personal Stories: Addressing workplace health and wellbeing

Gary Kane from Action Mental Health

Gary Kane is working to ensure mental health and wellbeing in the workplace is no longer 'the elephant in the room'.

He is an employer development co-ordinator for Action Mental Health.

Gary said: "Action Mental Health Works is a training consultancy service.

"My role is to meet with clients, sit down with them and come up with a bespoke training package around supporting mental health and wellbeing all the way up from administrators to chief executives.

"The main crux of the work is the creation and delivering of programmes to organisations across Northern Ireland.

"Reducing stigma and having discussion around people with mental ill-health and reducing sickness absence and sickness presence for with people mental ill-health.

"It helps employers reduce costs and increases productivity. It is great to be working with organisations dealing with mental health in the workplace because for so long it has been the elephant in the room.

"One in four people will have a diagnosis of mental illness in any given year so it does across the board.

"It is no respecter of status, privilege or finance."

A stress is in the workplace event is coming up at Crumlin Road Gaol on April 30.

Gary said: "We are unveiling a stress audit programme in conjunction with Business in the Community and Schrader Electronics."

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