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Peter Hannan's perfect recipe for Brighton burgers

By Janette Loughlin

Meat mogul Peter Hannan has landed a major deal to create top-end burgers for a new restaurant in Brighton.

His firm, Hannan Meats, which has won numerous awards, is supplying a new burger recipe to Stock Burger Co.

It's a new restaurant and craft beer initiative being developed by the global Intercontinental Hotels Group (IHG).

Hannan Meats is also supplying beef short ribs and rump steak, aged in the company's Himalayan salt chamber.

IHG is developing a network of Stock Burger Co restaurants at its Holiday Inn chain.

The first Stock Burger Co restaurant and bar opened in January as part of a £3.5m development of the Holiday Inn in Brighton.

"We were delighted to have been invited by the Stock Burger Co to develop a unique and outstandingly tasty burger for what is an immensely exciting IHG project that focuses on artisan food and drink producers," Peter Hannan said.

Simon Burdess, IHG's vice president of food and beverage Europe, said: "The launch of Stock Burger Co continues the story of IHG's renewed vigour in the food and beverage area."

There are nine classic burgers on the menu, and each will be paired to a craft beer.

There is also a 'build your own section' and a 'no burger, no problem' section, where guests can choose from dishes like steak, ribs, hot dogs, salads and wraps.

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