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Pharmaceutical firm Galen targets cancer treatments in five-year plan

Pharmaceutical company Galen has announced a five-year strategic plan to move into cancer-treating products and establish itself on the global market.

The Almac group, of which Craigavon-based Galen Ltd is part, currently has research projects targeted for the oncology sector.

A multi-million pound research and development project which is supported by Northern Bank is enabling Galen Ltd, in partnership with Almac Discovery, to test and develop new products which have the potential to provide effective cancer treatments.

Galen is also currently actively exploring distribution partnerships for the new product in Europe, USA and the Middle East.

Mark Scrutton, managing director at Galen Ltd, said that one developmental project could provide benefit to cancer patients who suffer from debilitating chemotherapy induced nausea and vomiting.

"Our anti-sickness product, would be administered easily via a simple nasal route," he said. "This will potentially enable patients to receive relief from their symptoms, quickly and at home.

"We believe that such products will add real value in treating cancer patients and could contribute positively to the quality of their lives.

"The development is the result of a successful collaboration with Almac Discovery and our finance partner Northern Bank who understand how the application of innovative treatment delivery methods can produce mutually beneficial results."