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Pioneering father who saw that future was computers


FOR the Smith family, there was more than just a love of sport passed down from father to five children. Jack Smith is a retired professor of computer science at Queen's and computers were part of family life even in the 1970s.

Son Brian, the co-founder of BRS Golf along with brother Rory, said: " I can remember being in the building with the first computers in Northern Ireland. Dad eventually became dean of the faculty, and I can remember from the day I was born the very first computers were in the house.

"All five of us except my sister work in computers.

"I remember we had an early Apple at home and I remember a £1m computer at Queen's.

"Dad really pushed us into computers from a young age and he realised that was the future."

Now BRS Golf is set for expansion through its new owners Comcast, a Fortune 100 business which also owns TV and radio network NBC in the US.

NBC comedy 30 Rock, starring Tina Fey and Alec Baldwin (above), satirised the corporate world with the real-life takeover by Comcast reflected in NBC's takeover by fictional Kabletown on the show. With a direct link now established between a Belfast company and 30 Rock, business life in Northern Ireland really can be stranger than fiction.

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