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Planning Irish economy's direction until 2020 not 'without its risks'


This week, the Irish Government will publish its plan for the direction of the economy up to the end of the decade.

Setting out the path to 2020 has its risks, as it says to the public that it will take until the end of the decade, at least, to return to somewhere near where the country started in 2008.

But the damage won't be completely undone, as budgets will remain tight, the cutbacks won't be reversed, the bulk of the additional taxes will stay in place and homes will still be repossessed.

The scars of the crisis will take decades to fade.

Also, it will be interesting to see if the plan contains a reference to the debt burden and projections of where the amount of sovereign debt will be by 2020, as this remains an impediment to recovery.

Nonetheless, the plan will leave it to the opponents of the Coalition to say if they agree or disagree and what are their alternatives.

The message again will be: Don't risk the recovery by putting it in unsafe hands.

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