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Please sort it out, fed-up Frankie, nine, tells Southern Rail as strikes go on

A nine-year-old boy has written to Southern Rail urging it to end the train strikes because he is tired of his parents coming home late.

As commuters faced the start of three days of strike action on the service, Frankie Cottrell's father, Clive, shared the "spontaneous email" on Twitter, which he said had also been sent to their local MP.

In it, the youngster chided all parties involved in the dispute for failing to sort out their differences.

It read: "To whom it may concern, My name is Frankie, I am nine years old and I live in Hove.

"My mum and dad both work in London. I am tired of them coming home late every night because of the rail strikes.

"They pay a lot of money for their season tickets/Oyster cards and are not getting value for their money.

"Surely there must be a way to solve these problems. At school we are taught to negotiate with each other to sort out our differences and clearly you have not learned to do this.

"Please could you sort this out as soon as possible so my mum, dad and other commuters can get back to normal life again."