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Poots backs greater use of biofuels in low carbon transport

Environment Minister Edwin Poots has outlined his support for greater use of biofuels to help create a green environment.

The minister was speaking after a visit to a research project into a new engine concept designed to maximise the benefit available from the use of biofuels in terms of the thermal efficiency of the engine, fuel economy and reduced emissions.

The Omnivore project, a partnership between Queen’s University Belfast and prestige car makers Lotus and Jaguar, was part sponsored by the Department of the Environment.

After a tour of the Lotus assembly line in Norfolk, Mr Poots said: “I consider the emergence of low carbon transport as a very positive step on the path to delivering more sustainable modes of travel.” The Environment Minister added that the research was vital to help reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

Mr Poots said: “Transport in Northern Ireland accounts for over 29% of the total carbon dioxide emissions, and is the largest source of nitrous oxide.

“Private car usage is principally responsible and it is therefore important for the automotive industry to rise to the challenge of tackling these emissions which are a contributory factor in our changing climate.”

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