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Popularity of Hockney exhibition 'proof the arts an economic driver for Northern Ireland'

By Staff Reporter

An exhibition by artist David Hockney at the Mac in Belfast drew 25,000 visitors who spent an average of £72.50 during their visits to the city, it's been claimed. The Mac said the I Draw, I Do exhibition, which ran for eight weeks between August and October, was one of its most successful yet.

A quarter of the visitors were coming from outside Northern Ireland, with 50% saying they were visiting the city for the sole purpose of going to the exhibition.

According to figures from MRNI Research, the average spend per visitor, including both domestic and non-domestic, was £72.50 - though visitors who were coming from outside the province spent more than double that, at £149.

MRNI Research said visitors spent an average of £29 on food and drink, and £24 on shopping.

Mac chief executive Anne McReynolds said: "The independent research carried out during the Hockney exhibition proves that the arts are an economic driver for Northern Ireland and that public investment in the arts provides enormous return to the wider economy."

She said the Mac worked for two years on curating the Hockney exhibition.

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