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Pop-up restaurant Home goes down a treat with Belfast diners

The pop-up restaurant has fast become the latest food craze as people look for new and novel ways of eating out.

And a recently opened pop-up in Belfast has proven so popular that it is set to extend its stay.

Home, the 50-seat eaterie located on Callender Street, is one of the city’s first pop-up restaurants. It is being run by a team from Mourne Seafood Bar and opened last month.

Chef Ben Arnold and manager Stevie Haller have transformed an empty retail unit with the help of recycling company ReFound, using unwanted and salvaged furniture.

The ReFound artists have transformed reclaimed pieces of furniture into functional items, all of which are available to buy — from the coat stand, tables and chairs, to the pictures on the walls — by customers. Mr Haller said they wanted to tap into the popularity of the dining trend.

“Pop-up restaurants are the latest food craze with chefs taking over under-utilised spaces or vacant kitchens providing an outlet for chefs to express their culinary creativity,” he said.

Pop-up restaurants are usually promoted through social media, making use of blogs and networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

While they have been popular in America and the rest of the UK for a while, they are still relatively new to Northern Ireland.

Internationally they have been seen as a way to help up-and-coming chefs to experiment with running a restaurant without the risk of bankruptcy.

But their popularity has meant more famous names have also been involved — Jamie Oliver will hold one at a food festival in December.

Home can be found at 8 Callender Street, Belfast. It is open seven days a week and operates a bring-your-own policy. Call 07936 292 502.

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