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Post Office 'becomes largest retailer open on Sundays'

The Post Office says it has become the largest UK retailer open on a Sunday, with 3,800 branches doing business seven days a week.

A transformation programme has led to thousands of outlets offering longer opening hours, with the number opening on Sundays up from 1,000 in 2013.

Post Office research showed that almost a third of people were more likely to use their Post Office branch if it was open on Sundays.

Kevin Gilliland, Post Office network and sales director, said: "I'm delighted that millions of people across the UK can now access Post Office services seven days a week. We are building a secure financial footing to maintain our services at the heart of communities for the future.

"Our modernisation plan is all about getting better for customers and making sure that branches across the country offer opening hours to meet their customers' needs, with Sunday opening increasing rapidly across our network."