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Printing firm Nicholson Bass bought by Bradley

One of Northern Ireland's best-known printing business has been sold in a multi-million pound deal.

Nicholson Bass, which employs around 60 people in Mallusk, was founded in 1938 as a traditional printer and box maker.

Now it's been bought by Bradley Group, owner of Quinnstheprinters.com.

But it vowed that Nicholson Bass would remain an autonomous part of the group, with managing director Johnny Megarry staying in post.

It's the second major acquisition for The Bradley Group in six months, after it bought Isle of Man-based The Mannin Group.

And the latest acquisition brings the group's annual turnover to £13m.

Peter Bradley, managing director of Bradley Group, said: "Nicholson Bass will remain autonomous from other companies within the group and we're pleased to be keeping managing director Johnny Megarry on board.

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"Production will also continue in their plant in Mallusk.

"They will see the benefits of the group buying power and we are hoping to draw upon the experience in the business to help grow other areas of the group too.

"We're really targeting the market in the north and south of Ireland, especially with euro rates the way they are"

Bradley Group set up Quinnstheprinters.com, which is based on Limestone Road in Belfast, and recently opened a new multi-million pound site in Liverpool.

It's described as one of Northern Ireland's biggest exporters, moving 5,000 tonnes of paper a year and sending a total of 185,000 parcels every year.

Bradley Group also owns software development firm Quinnsdevelopment.