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Professor to advise US Government on Indian research links

A University of Ulster professor has been chosen to advise the US Government on developing research links in the science and engineering industries in India.

Gerard Parr is Chair of Telecommunications in the School of Computing and Information Engineering and has been invited to speak at a high-powered conference of both Indian and US researchers in Virginia following his success in leading a British-India research partnership.

The Coleraine-based academic is to lead an advisory panel for the US Government through its National Science Foundation, as part of an initiative to collaborate more closely with the Indian Government and academic partners.

"Globalisation and inter-connectedness mean it is increasingly important for both our research activities and the training of the next generation of researchers to be international in scope," he said.

"The UK Government recognises how important research and innovation in Science and Engineering are for economic recovery and other governments around the world are following suit."

Lead organiser of the Arlington event, Professor Jim Kurose of the University of Massachusetts, said: "Professor Parr's leadership of the UK-India project would clearly indicate that he is the best person to (advise our researchers) for international research collaboration with India."